August 5: All participants must arrive in Xining, China by 3pm, June 10th

August 6: Drive to Rebkong. Rebkong is the cultural and artistic center of the Amdo region of Tibet.

August 7: Visit several Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in Rebkong as well as some of the local artists.

August 8: Drive to Labrang.  Labrang is the largest monastery in the Amdo region.  Walk the grounds of Labrang

August 9: Continue to explore the Labrang valley and visit with all the Tibetan pilgrims

August 10: Drive to Lhamo.  Visit the two very large monasteries in Lhamo set in a scenic valley surrounded by huge mountains.

August 11:  We will continue exploring the areas in and around Lhamo including the nomadic communities.

August 12:  Drive to Zoige – the nomad grasslands and visit with real tibetan nomads

August 13: Drive back to Xining and visit a few small Tibetan communities on the way back

August 14: Visit the famous monastery of Kumbum in the morning.  Prepare projects in the afternoon as well as pack to leave in the evening.